Communities In Schools (CIS) is a campus based Dropout Prevention program. CIS works with the school system on over 100 campuses to provide direct social services to at-risk students and connect students with available community resources. Communities In Schools (CIS) serves over 5,000 at-risk students in six school districts within Brazoria County. CIS hosted their Annual Communities In Schools Celebration in Brazosport Independent School District in Freeport, TX on January 25, 2018. Rho Xi Chapter secured booths and conducted two scientific demonstrations. Bro. Donalvon Duhon conducted an air pressure demonstration using vortex cannons. The concept was derived from Bernoulli’s Principle that an increase in a liquid’s speed creates a decrease in pressure and a decrease in a liquid’s speed creates an increase in pressure. The increased pressure within the vortex cannons allowed the students in attendance to propel ping-pong balls across the demonstration table and knock down cups. Bro. Deron Jenkins conducted a fingerprint science demonstration. The students were taught a simplified version of the science which focuses on visual interpretation of lines and newly formed critical thinking skills. The students were awarded with Burger King ice cream cone gift cards for participating in the demonstration. Students and their family members had the opportunity to participate in fun, engaging educational activities and refreshments. This was a great opportunity for Rho Xi Chapter to continue to show their service area that Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. is present and doing great work within the community.